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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  July 25, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. stormy night, severe weather rolling through the area and now it's about to hit the shore. look at this. we have rising waters starting to flood streets in wildwood. fox 29's dave kinchen just tweeted this video and this is what it look likes right now in can we take it ocean city. the heaviest rain moved out of
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philadelphia. now bearing toward the jersey shore and part of it's on it right now and basically like last night all over again. good evening to you. i'm lucy noland. my goodness. kathy, here we go. 2.0. > we sure we're in philadelphia? >> i mean this is like tropical stuff going on. >> absolutely. more showers, more thunderstor thunderstorms, more severe weather as lucy mentioned one batch of this rain moving down toward lbi, atlantic city through brigantine. another part still severe and you can see all of this lightning from winslow across the bay into delaware and heading toward the eastern shore of maryland. we do have some severe thunderstorms to talk about. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for kent county, delaware, new castle, delaware, cumberland counties and salem counties in new jersey. so this leap of severe weather with history of damaging winds right here this a little bit of a bow echo where the radio bulges out that's an indication of wind damage. so these winds could be in excess of 60 miles an hour f we track these moving toward the east at 35 miles an hour, it pulls these storms across
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bridgeton, millville, cedarville and also into maurice river they'll be in bridgeton within a few seconds. seaville win 11 -- how about 11:11. millville by 11:24 and maurice river by 11:00 flicks. severe thunderstorm warnings in effect for salem and cumberland and new castle and kent counties in delaware. rain cooled temperatures. 69 in pottstown. 68 in millville. 66 in atlantic city. that's at the airport. we have this oh and shore flow with temperatures mainly in the 70s down the shore the ocean water temperature still at 75. and as we go hour by hour you can see the fox future cast shows where the line of storms are right now as good grip on that. we fast forward overnight. we dry it out somewhat but during the day tomorrow there's a chance of a few scattered showers. otherwise a partly cloudy sky. as drier air from the great lakes tries to move n lower humidity and cooler temperatures moving our way. so overnight, lows in the 60s. philadelphia 67. allentown 62. millville 66.
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the poconos 54. tomorrow temperatures below average for a change. the high 81. less humid with a northerly wind that's sky becoming more of a deep blue over the next couple of days with lower humidity. shore temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. and delaware beaches 70's with land breeze. lewes, delaware, off the shore the ocean water temperature 76. here's look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. sunny and pleasant wednesday a few storms possible late thursday. friday morning clouds afternoon sun. weekend looks great, lucy. sunny for saturday. super sunday high 86 and by monday mostly sunny 86. the phils home every night with the exception of thursday the weather looks pretty decent for that. >> so those dog days of summer are taking a break. >> super sunday. we should have magnificent monday. >> we should. i'll change that for tomorrow. but really this is the end of the storms once we get through tonight. >> all right. hopefully nobody gets hurt in them. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. developing tonight, upsetting graffiti targeting police.
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messages about killing cops sprayed all over a street in south philadelphia. people are feeling uneasy police are looking to ever who did this. dave schratwieser is live in south philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: lucy, threatening graffiti like this has been found up and down 25th street here for about eight blocks on railroad piles like this and ology buildings. tonight police have roughed some evidence which could help their investigation and there's $5,000 reward being offered by the fraternal order of police. a handful of police officers and detectives combed 25th street monday night after vandals spray painted anti police graffiti up and down the busy south philadelphia street. >> the message itself is disturbing, because it's advocating violence against police officers. >> i don't see why you want to kill cops, you know. cops protect us. >> reporter: fox 29 was first on the scene after a tip from neighbors who complained about the anti police language. multiple stenciled and spray painted slogans tattooed on
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large concrete piles that support the csx48 line that runs through this south philly neighborhood. many of the graffiti postings advocating killing police officers. even using a molotov cocktail to inflict harm. >> people have the right to free speech and to express themselves but what you don't have right to do is vandalize public or private property. >> i think it's just kids. i think it is pretty disturbing but in this area you see this whole down here is disturbing. >> reporter: this is the second time a south philly neighborhood has been vandalized by this time of anti police graffiti at the end of june, vandals struck nearby on passyunk avenue. >> we certainly have a link between today's episode and what we saw at the end of june. so there's definitely a link there. >> detectives and police did recover at least one can of spray paint and two stencils used to make the graffiti. >> who did that has too much time on yeah hands. >> reporter: police have not identified or made any arrests in the earlier incident in june. we did find this same graffiti on washington street between 24th and 25t 25th 25th tonight
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reviewing surveillance video hoping to get look at the vandals. lucy. >> thank you dave. caught on camera, a deadly shall out in atlantic city. this video you're looking at is three years old. prosecutors have just released it. it took the new jersey supreme court getting involved to get that dash cam video into the lie of day. they ruled it's a matter of public interest. our shawnette wilson is on the story live now in atlantic city. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, that ruling to release dash cam video that shows police involved shootings gives the public a look at exactly what police deal with. it also can show what happened in the moments before. graphic video released today of a man driving dangerously through pleasantville and into atlantic city back in 2014. it ends in the heart of the outlook shopping district with officers shooting and killing that driver after he fired at them. witnesses shaken up when they spoke to fox 293 years ago right
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after it happen. >> i come out here, you know, for vacation and a little, you know, scary. you come out here to relax and you got to be worrying about stuff like this. >> reporter: video is too horrific to show it all. but we can show you the moment watson stepped out of the suv he was driving with more than 20 police cars following. and pointed a gun then began firing at police. we've stop it just before police open fire killing watson. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: prosecutors just released the 2014 dash cam video today because of a ruling by the new jersey supreme court earlier this month. that ruling says footage of fatal police involved shootings should be released as a matter of public interest. and according to the prosecutor's office, a nationa nationally renowned expert on police use of excessive force found the use of force under these circumstances was lawful. >> and a grand jury back in 2015 did review all the evidence in this indication and decided not
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to criminally indict the officers involved. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. the woman who kidnapped a baby at the king of prussia mall last march will spend one and a half to seven years in state prison. montgomery county judge sentenced 33-year-old sherri am more and said she has to get treatment for mental health and substance abuse. she admitted to faking a pregnancy before kidnapping the baby. a doctor has diagnosed her with mental disorders and says at the time she believed that baby was hers. president trump trying to shift the conversation off russia. he wants american to focus on repealing and replacing obama care and today he addressed a group of americans who believed the affordable care act has very much hurt them. the meeting came after mr. trump tweeted a warning to republican lawmakers a there there would be quote repercussions if they failed to act on health care reform a lot of chatter on social media bout president's address after he incorrectly said obama care has been in effect for 17 years. only been around seven.
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meanwhile tonight senator john mccain's office announced he will return to the senate on tuesday. the day of the health care vote. but the investigation into russia's interference with the 2016 election continues. the president's son-in-law and close adviser jared cosh they are met with senate intelligence committee investigator investigo answer questions about his role in the presidential campaign. the closed door meeting focused on kushner's relationship with russia. kushner read a statement to reporters right after that meeting. >> let me be very clear. i did not collude with russia, nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> kushner will be back on capitol hill tomorrow to meet with the house intelligence committee. happening right now, you love the beach? you may have to say goodbye to popular ice cream joint. a live look right now at wildwood.
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that's where mister softee tee is demanding two boardwalk shut down. what is going on. fox 29's dave kinchen breaks it down. >> i wouldn't have went there. absolutely not. >> reporter: buyers remorse for nick urban who found out he bought ice cream from wildwood mister softee getting sued by the corporate office >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. cool. i'm surprised they can stay op open. >> mister softee ink based in camden county. company officials filed a lawsuit against carl galucci who runs two stands on the wildwood boardwalk. the operator lost a license after complaints, staffing, royalty payments and cleanline cleanliness. >> they got to do what they got to do to make the status quo. >> in addition to being behind
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in royalty they have not been buying from an approved distributor. >> open up a can of worms. i guess obviously if they don't have license i'm sure there's more it to than just the license they're not carrying. >> reporter: mr. gallucci. fox 29 stopped by both locations and an address listed for cal gallucci for comment. no one answered. mister softee ink tells fox 29 early this year we officially cancel his franchise. however he has refused to remove our name from his stores. in order to pro tuck our trademark we have an firm tiff obligation to take legal act. the company hopes the owner will comply without them having to get a court order. dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> they almost need add bigger boat a half dozen fishermen hauled in a huge shark over the new jersey coast may be the biggest catch ever aroun
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>> breaking news out of philadelphia's mantua neighbor. another man is fighting for his life after gettin getting shot 3 times. police say this happened just past 9:00 on the 3900 block of brown street. that 30-year-old man is now at penn presbyterian in critical condition. we'll bring you more as soon as we learn more details. five fire after fire at a center city apartment building has residents quite worried. in fact many are staying up at night. they're concerned that another one is going to break out after
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several incidents and authorities believe someone is actually setting those fires. fox 29's jeff cole has more. >> reporter: they're billed as luxury app homes right smack in center city. jfk boulevard and 18th. but all is not right here. >> a lot of us are really, you know, paranoid and fearful we're not getting sleep at night because we're kind of any noise that we hear we think it's something that's going on so we're jumping out of our rooms trying to check the hallways because nobody else is doing. >> reporter: checking hallways looking for the dangerous handy work of an arsonist. they've there have been five fires in just eight days. the last set on friday. >> somebody in the building is setting them? >> the last thing i heard from, um, upper management was they believe there was a resident that was setting these fires. >> reporter: regional property manager says tonight the owner is working with federal alcohol, tobacco and firearms local police and the fire marshal. all are investigating. >> any time there's an fire in a apartment we're concerned.
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our residents is what's most important right now. >> o'hearn says someone set a shirt on fire and tossed it in a hallway. as was a box. the fires have all been set on lower floors. there are no cameras there or in stairwells but the atf says is taken images from elevator cameras. >> we're doing everything possible to make sure we solve this and this never happens again. >> are you fearful there will be a bigger fire with much bigger consequence. >> every fire seemed to get bigger the last one was the first one that got big enough to set off the sprinkler system on the sixth floor. it is a concern that nobody has been caught. >> reporter: 8888atf fire someone something about this. tenants want more security here. the owner says he has people walking the hallways at night. in center city, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> history made with the swearing in of philadelphia's fir african-american female district attorney. kelly hodge took the oath of office at city hall today. panel of judges pick hodge last week to serve the rest of seth
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williams' term in office. williams resigned willey eight wagon sentencing after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. he's now in jail and hodge is now -- she was actually former assistant da. >> to the members of the diss trek attorney's office, it's good to be back. [ applause ] >> this is our restoration period. our opportunity to look at adversity from the rear view mirror and know you have weathered the storm. >> hodge will be interim district attorney until january when the winner of the november general election takes office. that race pits democratic larry krasner against republican beth grossman. caught on camera, one huge catch. fishermen on the jersey shore reeled in this enormous shark that is drawing national attention tonight. environmental officials say it's the largest ever in the state's history. fox 29's chris kennel has been talking with the fishermen who caught the big guy in brielle monmouth county. >> reporter: they didn't need a bigger boat but they did need
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a bigger scale. a group of new jersey anglers landing a 12 moot mako shark believed to be one of the biggest he have caught in the state. it's a fish story 30 years in the making. overnight fishing trip turned into a trip of a lifetime for long-time captains dave bender and kevin garrity. aboard the jenny lee sport fishing charter out of manasqu manasquan. >> kevin screamed that this might be him. >> reporter: this is him. a monster 12-foot short finned mako shark caught in hudson canyon about 100 miles off the atlantic coast. >> my first honest first thoughts was that we had hooked a great white. i had never seen anything that big before. >> reporter: fighting the fish a family from trenton on their very first offshore fishing charter. it took 90 minutes getting the shark to the boat. another hour and six men to haul it inside. >> their first scale goes to 60t the scale. >> reporter: the fish weighed
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in a whopping 926 pounds. surpassing the new jersey state mako record of 856 pounds set back in 1994. but it's not all celebration. the captains say they've been getting threats against their family. their facebook page lit up with comments like, barbarians and morons who killed a majestic mako shark for sport. >> we're just doing our job. we didn't do anything wrong. we didn't do anything illegal. it's a legal fish. >> reporter: although it's believed to be the largest shark ever caught off the jersey coast, it will not go down as an official state record. that's because the captains were informed tonight because more than one angler reeled in that fish, it is not eligible to qualify for that record. in brielle, new jersey, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> you know me i feel sorry for the shark. all right. what special graduation day for
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some four legged friends in camden, dogs from the -- dogs from the tri-state k9 response team came to the lourdes health system. they can now serve as therapy dogs big deal for them. they even got their diplomas so sweet. people at the hospital say these dogs are incredibly important to the staff and definitely to the patients. they relieve anxiety and they bring a whole lot of comfort. >> it's very calming these are very well trained dogs and so they can pick up on people's emotions, they are able to help patients, for example hooks have had a stroke that can teach them to look to one side, the side that's been affected by their stroke, and people really respond to dogs. >> the dogs can now visit patients at all three of the hospitals campuses. all right. so i think we just need to do the football theme right about now, don't you. >> that's all i need to hear right now. ♪ >> that's it. >> that's right. football is back training cam is that here so it's all about the eagles for the next hopefully six months. there's a lot of questions
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coming in to the season so i'll break down the most important coming in to the season so i'll break>>jason: my dad taughtnt me to play the piano when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
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>> killing sharks, killing rats. my goodness. a lot of expectations for the eagles this season. sean bell tells what he thinks will be the most important position for the eagles this year. his commentary is just 15 seconds away. ♪ there are high expectations for the eagles this year. rightfully so i got the eagles at ten and six. scratching play off spot it's carson wentz's second year you have weapons. for once you're offensive line will be in tack the entire year. remember, when lane johnson was playing they went five and one last year. the one thing that could really ruin this season and derail that is cornerback position that's
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the biggest thing i'll be paying attention to in camp a in league that's tailor made for the passing guy and wide receivers, you have to a1 cornerback. you have to. right now the eagles have none. could be legitimate starter but everything after that really questionable. that's the problem. nfc east it's stacked with great wide out ross dole beckham, jr., brandon marshall, terrell pry your. i can do every day has cornerback to go with it. the cornerback position is the position to look at and if somebody emerges as a shut down guy, it could be special. lucy? >> all right. thank you much sean. remember we were talking last night about the big man versus shark thing on shark week. >> a lot of people feeling really ripped off it was highly touted of course, right. it was they found out sim mew laying. lots of people disappointed they
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thought they'd see a shark racing world class swimmer michael phelps much that's what they thought they'd see. no. instead scientists used speed data to generate a shark's simulation that he raced again. to add insult to injury the simulation beat phelps. >> oh. >> didn't end well. >> you didn't think i was he was -- >> who cares? you thought he would be next to shark. lane one phelps, lane two shark. shark, stay in your lane. >> the weather has not been staying in its lane. >> severe thunderstorm warning in effect atlantic county, cumberland, kent and salem counties until 11:30. back here at 4:00 a.m. "good day philadelphia". sue serio will have more on th th
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good morning, happening right now, in philadelphia two people are in police custody after scaling ben franklin bridge, what we're learning this morning about why, they may have gone up there. advocating violence begins police officers. >> anti police messages sprayed up and down one block in our city not the first time what they are trying to do to catch those responsible. also ahead on "good day philadelphia", a new health care cliff hanger the senate set for a key vote today but what will they vote to advance key member with health issues of his own returns home for the showdown. and man, oh man they almost needed a bigger boat would you look at that, how bay colossal catch enormous shark just bro